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What are the sales conditions of Bulvano?

Sales Conditions

Delivery Prices include transport and mounting. It is clear that the delivery takes place neatly and ready for use. Packing materials are recycled.

Delivery conditions Exterior hoist is not included and chargeable to the buyer.
Our tenders are based on a normal delivery and installation of furniture during the regular working hours.

If the assembly of the furniture cannot take place on delivery: 1. the client will accept the goods by signing the delivery note 2. the liability related to damage son delivery will expire after signing the delivery note 3. the costs of the second intervention for the final assembly on a later date will be at charge of the client.

For delivery at construction sites, it should be made sure that all passages are clear and that the rooms where the furniture has to be placed, are empty and clean.
The furniture will not be installed as long as other professionals (such as painters, plasterers, floorers, etc …) are at work in these rooms.

Delivery period Subject to ordered products.
The delivery period starts to run after receipt of the order’s official confirmation.

The agreed delivery period starts to run after effective payment of the requested advance. The lead time of tailor made furniture starts as from receipt of the written approval of the production plan.
If the delivery cannot take place on the agreed date, Bulvano has to be informed minimum 4 weeks prior to this date. In case of a late advice, Bulvano is obliged to make extra costs, which will be passed on to you, depending on the situation: On the originally agreed delivery date we will already invoice 50% of the total order value.
Storage costs are charged at 8 euro per m² per month.
Handling costs are charged at 60 euro per person per hour.

Validity of this offer This offer is valid for 60 calendar days

VAT 21,00% VAT exclusive and at your own charge

Payment 30 % in advance 70 % upon delivery

Guarantee All Bulvano products are guaranteed for one year against all manufacturing faults from date of delivery onwards. The guarantee is meant for normal use – not for wearing and colour changes. The guarantee only comprises repair and exchange of the damaged part. Travel and working hours are included. The guarantee expires if stated that a third party has tried to carry out repairs.

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