Mission Statement

For more than 50 years, Bulvano is specialized in interior concepts and furniture for offices and healthcare. During the process from concept to realization on the floor, Bulvano aims to create new ideas of lifestyle and to make a professional environment better and easier to live and of course work in.

Smart working concepts were integrated in close collaboration with the customer in prestigious realizations such as the Belfiustower in Brussels, Den Bell in Antwerp, PwC Luxemburg and Belgacom in Brussels.

Solutions for healthcare are another focus of Bulvano. Together with our continual growth, we focus on offering high-quality products with easy accessibility. Flexibility, productiveness and creativity are elements which are retrievable in every project Bulvano works on. It creates extra value for its customers and makes it possible to develop long-term relationships.

We believe that it is our duty to anticipate to the rapidly changing business environment.

Bulvano works in conjunction with multiple brands who use high-quality materials, excellent design and acknowledged designers.