Homeras, a company that provides home repair and assistance, was on the lookout for a new interior. We took on the challenge to transform their small working space into an efficient one. In no time Bulvano turned them into a satisfied customer. We transformed a small working space into an efficient one.

Our Pod Booth – Martela

It can be disturbing to answer a call when you’re working with a group of people in small area. By installing the Pod Booth by Martela, the caller can have a conversation in a peaceful and quiet way. The exterior of the Pod Booth also enhances the acoustics in the room. The sound-absorbing design generates silence for the whole office, while creating a private space within the booth. The fabric can be personalised to any desired colour, depending on the design of your office.

Pod meeting – Martela

The ideal place for private yet comfortable small meetings, that’s the pod meeting of Martela. This pod seat comes with an optional power outlet and whiteboard. Again, a very flexible product that can be easily moved to another location.

Did you know that 78% of meetings are between 1-4 people? Homeras also wanted to create a space where these small meetings could take place. In order to optimise the space, we picked out the POD Meeting by Martela. The Pod Meeting comes with an elegant and again sound-absorbing fabric. Additionally, this piece of furniture can be easily relocated when needed. The cushions, the inner part of the back and the main structure can have different colours, creating a customizable and joyful piece of furniture.

The furniture used in this space is custom tailored. The result? Another small meeting place creatively decorated to fully benefit the provided space.

To sofa – Nurus, Rond – Very Wood, Scoop – martela

To, brings a different understanding to modern meetings. To offers a new attitude to serious and conflicting meetings and helps to increase the impact of the presentation with its backrest height and seat depth. Its structure enables a more effective use of body language and brings movement and warmth to daily meetings. From futuristic homes to minimalistic meeting rooms, To seat bench adapts to all areas with its colour options and clear lines. Which creates a functional living space.

Remaining practical, the executive offices needed to be available for different types of meetings, including informal meetings. By combining the To sofa of Nurus with the Rond seatings by Very Wood, we created a small yet cosy meeting area. The Rond is a versatile product available in all colours and different types of fabrics (fabric, vinyl or leather).

The lunch area was decorated with custom made products. With its impeccable design this lunch area can now also be used as a meeting space.

Orangebox – do

The focus of the do is its versatility and adaptability. With it’s simple yet user-friendly design, the do is easy to set up and use. This comfortable seating is a pleasure to every user in every way. The Do adjusts itself to its user, making this ergonomic chair ideal for flex spaces.

Bedesk – BeCollection

Bedesk can be automatically adjusted to the user’s height: standing or seated. Completed with high quality chairs, this desk matches the office perfectly.

Obvio – Orangebox

The client asked for our advice concerning their main meeting room. It had to be a versatile room where meetings for a bigger group of people needed to be held as well. By decorating it with the Obvio flip table, this room is now multifunctional. This desk, which is 2,4 meters long, can be folded and rolled to the side if necessary. The Obvio is available in all shapes and sizes, suiting the client’s needs.

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