Office of European Council President


The European Consilium put out a tender in (year of contract, 2008 or 2009?) for the high-end furnishing of an office with a desk, conference table, reception room and dining room. For reasons of confidentiality it only emerged after winning the contract that the project was for the office of the President of the European Council. An additional contract was to meet at the last minute some specific wishes of Mr. Herman Van Rompuy.

Some personal objects were integrated without impairing the overall picture


Bulvano always strives to create ‘personal space’ where the person behind the position feels comfortable. The requirements explained at the initial briefing were met perfectly by opting for a modern but timeless style at an average price. As the president wished to work in a traditional setting, we moved his desk back slightly to create seating possibilities for two visitors. Some personal objects were integrated without impairing the overall picture, and we were mindful of not overshadowing the works of art on this floor of the building.


The result was class through the power of understatement: an office from the collection of Walter Knoll, with a drawer concealed in the tabletop, combined with elements like a wooden conference table with discreet but stylish FS meeting chairs. This was not a show-off office, but a room reflecting the rationality and discretion so typical of Mr Van Rompuy.