PodBooth is designed to bring a peaceful atmosphere to its surroundings. Especially at work a peaceful soundscape can empower you to do great things: to be creative and productive. Research shows that by providing silence and privacy, you can enhance employee wellbeing and improve performance.

A wide selection of fabrics and other materials can be adapted to PodBooth. With the right kind of materials and tones, you can create a harmonious working environment for your o?ce. The design choices have all been made with the end-user in mind. The magnet-closing door, rounded corners and soft interiors all contribute to the user experience.

PodBooth by Martela adapts to the changing needs of modern workplaces. It’s so easy to move around that you could change the location of your pod every day if you wanted.

With its outstanding sound insulation PodBooth generates silence for the whole o?ce, while creating a private space within the booth. PodBooth is designed to have perfect acoustics inside, but we didn’t stop there: the exterior of the PodBooth works as an acoustic surface too.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio includes several other products with coherent design. With one single product family you can create a workplace with areas for quiet and focused working as well as relaxation and spontaneous meetings.

Download the Pod-family Brochure here