The Mini Kilta chair is a Finnish classic. Kilta chair’s timeless design, seating comfort and durability has guaranteed its continued success. The Mini Kilta chair is perfect for both meeting rooms and hot-desking work stations in activity-based offices. The Mini Kilta chair differs from Kilta due to its smaller size and lack of armrests. Its soft, rounded form lends a cosy feel to any space.

The Mini Kilta chair with castors has been taken into re-production with both height adjustment and a swing mechanism that allows for small back-and-forth movement. Different variations in upholstery provide versatile opportunities to create a specific look for a space.

The Kilta chair series also includes Kilta and Mini Kilta chairs with disc and four-leg bases.

The Kilta chair was Finland’s first plastic chair due to its ground-breaking manufacturing technology and has been featured in Martela’s collection since 1955.