VARIO CHANGE is a modern sit/stand table system that meets the highest standards of ergonomics, practicality and timeless design.

The C and T foot versions of VARIO CHANGE hardly differ in terms of shape. This has the advantage that they form a complete design entity if used together in offices and conference rooms. The runners and outer columns look as if they are cast in one.

Because aluminium has been used, and because the volume of materials used has been reduced to a minimum, VARIO CHANGE is much lighter than most height-adjustable tables – and yet it is extremely stable, because of its unique construction.

With its many variants and possibilities for expansion, it can also create an individual workplace to meet the needs of the next generation – as a high-quality, prestigious directors’ desk, in an open-plan office or for use in a home office. With VARIO CHANGE, conferences can easily be changed from seated to standing conferences – whether you’re using individual meeting tables or interlinked table systems.