Work is getting faster, more complex and more fragmented all the time. New, agile forms of collaboration are taking up a growing amount of space. It’s all about: New Work.

This has an impact on the infrastructure: the traditional office swivel chair and meeting chair format is no longer enough.

In any place where work processes are changing, where information and communication are happening all the time in multiple locations – the new smart minimalist concept from Klöber is the perfect choice. It cuts back on complexity whilst offering more flexibility and a homelier feel.

In form it is a soft wave-like affair, but in terms of behaviour Boulevard makes a bigger point: “Today people are on the move, but most of the time we have to stop and think, reply to or check something, a brief moment where we need a seat,” says the studios co-founder Jonathan Sabine, “If you make a piece of furniture designed specifically for this purpose then you valorise it, you legitimise it in a sense, it is no longer a marginal thing, it brings the purpose of short-dwelling to life.”

The installation of Proto is not only fundamentally adaptable to its context but also flexible to any environment—a testament that the use of Proto is constantly evolving. The way +Halle and Ross developed the design of the upholstery together for the Proto collection contributed to a qualitative, tailored and comforting finish.

As the intuition is to turn the seats, the collection proofs an interesting flexible landscape of open and closed encounters. “Even the way people intuitively place two high Proto chairs next to each other, with arms touching, provides a little room, or a small, improvised habitual structure,” says Ross.

This minimal series of soft wing shapes, resting on two columns, utilise a woven configuration to make multiple dwelling spaces, borrowing from the minimal ideas of fallen logs in the woods, and urban sets of stairs. The system that emerges out of Levels, subsequently, lends itself to a natural, intuitive behaviour.

“Based on the discussions with +Halle and the other studios throughout the briefing process, we investigated the essentials for taking a break. Beginning with the simple bench seat we used repetition to gain complexity and flexibility,” Löfgren explains, “The cross-over is what sparks curiosity and invites anyone to find their own spot to rest and contemplate.”

Tune is a sound absorbing seating collections designed by Norm architects for Zilenzio. The Sofa has a clad sound absorbing shell that’s combined with soft cushions that follows the smooth and clean lines of the sofa.

On one side of the balance, inspiration is fuelled by a homely feel and a need for privacy. On the other side, conventional office outfitting provides a practical workspace. WOOOM brings both worlds together. By combining relaxed, focused working with cutting-edge functions – for maximum efficiency.

PodLounge is a versatile system including a seat and several screen options.

The seat can be used individually or in groups to create small, more private spaces for meetings. Thanks to its compact size, the seat can be used even in small spaces and is easy to move to a new place. Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio also includes several other products with coherent design.

Download the Pod-family Brochure here

It can be used anywhere from the team workplace to the executive office, as an all-rounder or premium version. The chair for all office applications is both attractive and dynamic. Mera is perfect in form and function, offering an excellent price-performance balance.

Three years into the Nest series, a new fundamental piece was added. In fact, the purpose of the Nest sofa came later, as a direct response to the use of the Nest chairs and tables. Clusters of sitting areas needed a signifier for an informal space, and a soft partition from one area to another. Built with quality, the Nest sofa is the anchoring piece in a growing series of upholstered sofas and chairs, serving informal, accessible spaces with a distinctly rounded and sheltering dimension.

Seating finiture with seat and back upholstered with fabric, vinyl or leather. Seat upholstery is made with elastic webbing.