Timber can be used as classic wall panelling, decorative half-wall panelling, to imitate walls of offcuts, or in elegant herring-bone patterns as graphic wall pieces.

### Conclusion Reading Box
The CONCLUSION reading box is ideal for temporary work in libraries, in study centres or in waiting areas. It offers sufficient space for reading books or working on a laptop. The 900 mm wide and 700 mm deep table top, designed as a case, offers additional shelf space. The lamp, which is integrated into the back panel, provides essential lighting and access to electrical and data ports.

### Brochure Cabinet
As a cubbyhole or structured shelf for working materials, the M3 brochure cabinet can be used universally. The hinged front panels with aluminium bars can be set at an angle to display brochures or illustrative materials. This provides an overview of the content of each individual compartment without the need of a glass panel.

### Mobile Monitor Wall
Whether for meetings or the reception area, the mobile M1 monitor wall is the perfect platform for visual presentations. With a width of 1200 mm, the panel offers enough room for a large flat screen monitor.

The monitor wall also comes with storage space, where you can store electronic devices or presentation materials. Always at the right spot with 4 castors.

### Coat Rack
The high side and rear panels, characteristic of CONCLUSION, create spaces, shield disturbing noises, and ensure tidiness: Coat racks that appear untidy can easily be concealed by a cover. The integrated hat shelf provides additional shelf space.

### Meeting Table
The central column with a baseplate – on glides or mobile on a star base – is the basis of VARIO LET’S TALK “ROUND”. Every combination of the various table top shapes, finishes and height variations, creates a modern, visually subtle and communicative meeting table.

### Lounge
The VARIO CONCLUSION lounge complements the modular table with a sofa element constructed with premium upholstery. The high side panels ensure peace and privacy – this makes a short stay here comfortable and pleasant, especially in the waiting area. Concentration, discrete conversations or undisturbed opportunities for retreat are usually difficult to achieve in open spatial structures – especially in the main areas. The VARIO CONCLUSION lounge offers a solution that provides a high degree of comfort and peace of mind.

The Cloudz ceiling-mounted absorbers are designed to be suspended in layers one above the other, and have thus been provided with holes through which cables can be drawn in order to attach one layer to another layer below. Five variants are available to create a diverse and light-hearted impression. A ceiling-mounted absorber is often a useful supplement to other types of absorbent measures.

Beatbox is an auditorium-like piece of furniture for working and learning environments. It is a cozy and relaxed place for informal gatherings, presentations, as well as team work. Beatbox designed by Iiro Viljanen helps to improve also the utilization of lobby and corridor areas. The area in front of the stand forms a stage-like space and this feature is emphasized when two or more pieces are placed close to each other. With castors underneath, Beatbox is easy to relocate. The telescopic open-close function makes it easy to store temporarily when needed. Beatbox serves also as a space divider and when closed as a standing height workstation.

Kaari is an elegant coat rack with carefully considered details. The hooks of the coat rack can stand heavy items and the rack will not fall, even if the weight is unevenly distributed.

The sturdy Kaari coat rack is available in two widths, in three and five-hook models, and in three colours.

The Kaari coat rack is an example of modern and unadorned design. The designer Mikko Laaksonen was inspired by Eero Saarinen’s legendary Gateway Arch (‘arch’ is ‘kaari’ in Finnish) in St Louis.

The basic concept for VARIO CONCLUSION is thus the consistent linking of the wall system and table programme in a clear design language. It is in large, extensive areas that the ability of VARIO CONCLUSION to define spaces comes into its own. With its sound-proof panels, VARIO CONCLUSION produces a quiet atmosphere and increased concentration. Noise is absorbed where it is generated.

Have a Break came to being with an innovative idea. Have a Break turns meetings into random moments and at the same time it is a resting, socializing and lounge area. It injects action, joy and energy to daily meetings. Have a Break increases motivation and contributes to productivity and efficiency.

Having storage units, Have a Break allows the use of appliances like coffee machine and microwave with its power connections.

The Penny Coat Stand is an unconventional and charismatic coat stand. The asymmetrical design adds an extra dimension to the product. It appears differently depending on the angle of view. Penny is both aesthetic and functional at the same time. It does not compromise the primary function of a coat hanger despite its distinct and unique expression.

There’s special office furniture for individual requirements. And then there’s Callidus: The functional furniture that can be custom adapted to all your individual needs.

Whether mini-bistro, event lounge, organisational talent or tea-break kitchen – Callidus is … whatever you make of it.

Choose from a large selection of modules. Opt for sophisticated features. Make Callidus your Callidus.