The installation of Proto is not only fundamentally adaptable to its context but also flexible to any environment—a testament that the use of Proto is constantly evolving. The way +Halle and Ross developed the design of the upholstery together for the Proto collection contributed to a qualitative, tailored and comforting finish.

As the intuition is to turn the seats, the collection proofs an interesting flexible landscape of open and closed encounters. “Even the way people intuitively place two high Proto chairs next to each other, with arms touching, provides a little room, or a small, improvised habitual structure,” says Ross.

Tune is a sound absorbing seating collections designed by Norm architects for Zilenzio. The Sofa has a clad sound absorbing shell that’s combined with soft cushions that follows the smooth and clean lines of the sofa.

On one side of the balance, inspiration is fuelled by a homely feel and a need for privacy. On the other side, conventional office outfitting provides a practical workspace. WOOOM brings both worlds together. By combining relaxed, focused working with cutting-edge functions – for maximum efficiency.

It can be used anywhere from the team workplace to the executive office, as an all-rounder or premium version. The chair for all office applications is both attractive and dynamic. Mera is perfect in form and function, offering an excellent price-performance balance.

Comfortable posture made simple. Connex2 is on standby to support you in your ideal sitting position and follow your every movement. This is possible thanks to functions that respond automatically. You sit, your chair adapts to you. The only manual adjustments are seat height, seat depth and lumbar support . Connex2 already caters for tomorrow‘s challenges, even addressing the demographic changes within the workplace – making it a dependable partner for anyone who works in an office.

Sit comfortably, work productively: The perfect posture, ergonomic movement sequences, controlled reclining – with ConWork your day at the office can be fun instead of tiring.

In the office, executive suite or conference room: Moteo supports healthy, dynamic sitting as a matter of course. The design – which has received many awards – unites intelligent innovation with functionality. You can select the comfort seat for a noticeably luxurious sensation as you sit down, or the celligence® system for gently regulated three-dimensional seat movement: Your body always feels the difference. Of its own accord and with a high “feel-good” factor over the long term.

Unusual design, healthy comfort: Moteo conference swivel chairs offer a perfect union. Flowing lines and flat forms make a clear and consistent design statement in concord with the ergonomic requirements for optimum conditions within the contemporary meeting culture. Moteo brings mobility and dynamics to talks. There is a return mechanism so that the backrest goes into its original position for a neat and tidy look.

Sola chairs’ careful finish, approachable form and various base options mean that it easily fits into different types of spaces. The Sola chair can be used on its own or in large groups that look great in any space.

Sola universal chair with castors is suitable for short term meetings as well as for drop-in workstations. There are several upholstery options, including non-upholstered version.

The Sola chair family designed by Antti Kotilainen includes several chairs and stool versions with various base options. The variety of choices makes it easy to find a suitable solution for various purposes and environments.

Wing is a minimalistic yet comfortable conference chair that suits
into all kinds of modern spaces. The upholstery of the form pressed
back, seat and armrest is comfortable but implemented in a minimal
dimension that gives Wing a light and contemporary expression,
without compromising the degree of comfort. Perfect for the
conference room and for waiting areas.

Sally is a versatile stool, which contributes to the creation of warm
and personal spaces in the public environment. The compact size
and low weight makes it easy to move around and increases its versatility
and functionality. Wherever it is needed, Sally functions as
an informal, comfortable and practical seat. The shape, the wooden
legs, and the endless upholstery options underline Sally’s quirky
personality; expression and style that makes people smile and
invites people to use it. Available in four different heights. Winner
of Good Design Award.