Collection composed by dining and high tables, available for indoor, outdoor or outdoor for marine environments.

Design by Patricia Urquiaola

The guiding theme for the Torno series is the purpose of mobility. Simple, effortless and without snobbery, the series offers aluminium chairs and tables that are easy to adjust to individual needs – indoor and outdoor. With chairs designed in open configurations, the collection supports self-determined lives, giving the user a range of options for exploiting how they would like to sit. Moveable chairs and tables allow different people to make their space their own—providing a good seating experience, in an airport, a café, park or studio.

### Conclusion Reading Box
The CONCLUSION reading box is ideal for temporary work in libraries, in study centres or in waiting areas. It offers sufficient space for reading books or working on a laptop. The 900 mm wide and 700 mm deep table top, designed as a case, offers additional shelf space. The lamp, which is integrated into the back panel, provides essential lighting and access to electrical and data ports.

### Brochure Cabinet
As a cubbyhole or structured shelf for working materials, the M3 brochure cabinet can be used universally. The hinged front panels with aluminium bars can be set at an angle to display brochures or illustrative materials. This provides an overview of the content of each individual compartment without the need of a glass panel.

### Mobile Monitor Wall
Whether for meetings or the reception area, the mobile M1 monitor wall is the perfect platform for visual presentations. With a width of 1200 mm, the panel offers enough room for a large flat screen monitor.

The monitor wall also comes with storage space, where you can store electronic devices or presentation materials. Always at the right spot with 4 castors.

### Coat Rack
The high side and rear panels, characteristic of CONCLUSION, create spaces, shield disturbing noises, and ensure tidiness: Coat racks that appear untidy can easily be concealed by a cover. The integrated hat shelf provides additional shelf space.

### Meeting Table
The central column with a baseplate – on glides or mobile on a star base – is the basis of VARIO LET’S TALK “ROUND”. Every combination of the various table top shapes, finishes and height variations, creates a modern, visually subtle and communicative meeting table.

### Lounge
The VARIO CONCLUSION lounge complements the modular table with a sofa element constructed with premium upholstery. The high side panels ensure peace and privacy – this makes a short stay here comfortable and pleasant, especially in the waiting area. Concentration, discrete conversations or undisturbed opportunities for retreat are usually difficult to achieve in open spatial structures – especially in the main areas. The VARIO CONCLUSION lounge offers a solution that provides a high degree of comfort and peace of mind.

### Wall
40 individual storage compartments create surfaces which can be used as a canvas for personalized designs, for instance, adding a corporate logo. Due to the doors being equipped with an easy push-to-open mechanism, handles do not interrupt the flush surface. To the rear, there are slots in which various components can be hung (see COFFEE BAR). The 10 mm thin border in black creates an elegant finish and provides the M1.1 wall with a slender appearance.

### Reception Desk
The VARIO CONCLUSION reception counter simplifies the orientation in the reception area: the attached counter element clearly indicates to visitors where they are expected. If necessary, the counter element can be moved as desired. Design in premium white with two black counter attachments.

From the outset, the System Tables, were designed for the purpose of being flexible enough to withstand change. The high and low tables feature a lock-in, tubular solution, which joins together a growing, perhaps even swaying loop or endlessly configured table. In this way, the system has the opportunity to answer a need for what is to come – duality in stability combined with the ability to grow and shrink if needed. With an optional integrated electrical plug solution for all markets worldwide, the System Tables are easy to assemble and apply. And suddenly everything is linked: space and the people, coming together in a perfect ensemble.

The For Now Chair injects a sense of domestic comfort and expression
into the spaces of public activities. The warm and light
expression responds to the increasing fusion between home and
contract and contributes to the creation of spaces providing calm
and contentment. Frame in solid soaped oak / solid black stained
oak. Available in all textiles and leather qualities

The Nest Table is a modern high quality table for all kinds of modern
spaces. The thin tubular steel frame provides a light expression
and ensures a very strong and durable base of functionality.
The 20mm table top in Fenix Nanotech Laminate or Oak Veneer
completes the elegant Nordic look and makes the High Nest Table
suitable for a large range of different environments. In terms
of additional functional features, the Fenix Nanotech laminate
offers: anti fingerprint, scratch resistancy, and low light reflectivity.
Available in two different heights, and part of the Nest family that
comprises additional tables, chairs, and sofas.

The Nest Round Table is a round modern table for a large range of
different spaces. The expression is light, Nordic and contemporary.
The tubular steel frame is available in black or light grey, while the
table top comes in 20mm Fenix Nanotech laminate or Oak Veneer.
In terms of additional functional features, the Fenix Nanotech
laminate offers: anti fingerprint, scratch resistancy, and low light
reflectivity. The table is available in two different heights. Part of
the Nest family that comprises additional tables, chairs, and sofas

The Clip-board series consists of a modular table, bench and picnic table. In each variation, the weight of the hardwood tabletop and/or bench seat pushing against the trestle frame secures the structure with no additional hardware required. Because the planks fit through narrow openings at the top of the trestles, they act like levers that exert forces against the trestles to form the self-supporting structure.

The tabletop and bench seat are constructed of separate planks of durable FSC certified hardwood – four for the tabletops and three for the benches – that fit together or break down for easy storage. The trapezoidal trestles are tubular steel available in matte white,or matte black powder coated versions, or in brushed stainless steel.