### Mobile Monitor Wall
Whether for meetings or the reception area, the mobile M1 monitor wall is the perfect platform for visual presentations. With a width of 1200 mm, the panel offers enough room for a large flat screen monitor.

The monitor wall also comes with storage space, where you can store electronic devices or presentation materials. Always at the right spot with 4 castors.

### Coat Rack
The high side and rear panels, characteristic of CONCLUSION, create spaces, shield disturbing noises, and ensure tidiness: Coat racks that appear untidy can easily be concealed by a cover. The integrated hat shelf provides additional shelf space.

### Meeting Table
The central column with a baseplate – on glides or mobile on a star base – is the basis of VARIO LET’S TALK “ROUND”. Every combination of the various table top shapes, finishes and height variations, creates a modern, visually subtle and communicative meeting table.

### Lounge
The VARIO CONCLUSION lounge complements the modular table with a sofa element constructed with premium upholstery. The high side panels ensure peace and privacy – this makes a short stay here comfortable and pleasant, especially in the waiting area. Concentration, discrete conversations or undisturbed opportunities for retreat are usually difficult to achieve in open spatial structures – especially in the main areas. The VARIO CONCLUSION lounge offers a solution that provides a high degree of comfort and peace of mind.

From the outset, the System Tables, were designed for the purpose of being flexible enough to withstand change. The high and low tables feature a lock-in, tubular solution, which joins together a growing, perhaps even swaying loop or endlessly configured table. In this way, the system has the opportunity to answer a need for what is to come – duality in stability combined with the ability to grow and shrink if needed. With an optional integrated electrical plug solution for all markets worldwide, the System Tables are easy to assemble and apply. And suddenly everything is linked: space and the people, coming together in a perfect ensemble.

The perfect conference table for meeting and seminar rooms or even at home. The universal form language of the Felber collection and an optimal room for legs thanks to the thoughtfully designed Y-arrangement of the table legs come together to create an ideal get-together solution. The table top is available boat-shape, round or square, with wood veneer, HPL or in massive wood.

Frankie conference table with a wooden A-leg base creates a warm and cozy feeling to the space.

The Frankie conference table collection designed by Iiro Viljanen includes various table sizes and bases. Combining different table top materials and base shapes the collection offers solutions for different needs.

It is available in two heights.
The standing height tables offer an excellent opportunity for active meetings.

The Salmiakki is a table for the many needs of learning environments. The easily movable Salmiakki tables can be turned into groups of different sizes and shapes, including lines and semi-circles.

Used alone, the table has room for four to gather around it to play, discuss or work.

Desktops for the Salmiakki tables come in several colours and there are several leg options, too, with or without wheels. The corners have been rounded to prevent accidents.

Salmiakki tables can be combined with triangular Pinta school desks.

Pars meeting tables connect and network within more varied and stimulating environments. Smartworking Pars meeting tables are available across a broad range of sizes, shapes, finishes and specification options.

Rock is part of the Network Landscapes collection from Orangebox.

Network Landscapes is a collection of furniture migrating away from hierarchical systems-focussed environments to more casual and diverse network spaces where the collaborative is as important as the personal, and the casual valued above formality

Creating prestigious and powerful meeting rooms, XL continues to keep its integrity within the corporation with its rich material options.

XL can be used in meeting rooms of various sizes with its changing dimension from 3.2 to 8 meters and it also has paneled leg version. XL carries the power connection to the desk, through its functional legs; facilitating access to cables and eliminating the chaos of cables.

XXL brings the natural and majestic effect of wood to meeting rooms, helping to achieve a trustable and professional look.

XXL is manufactured in seven different scales with its length changing between 3.4 to 9 meters, and carries the power and cable connections to the desktop via its paneled legs. It has metal and leather options and the cable caps situated in the middle of the desktop facilitate access to the power connection via its functional legs, intensifying the desired visual effect.

Inno recalls the word ‘innovation’ it is named after, with its design details and technology solutions. Developed with a function-oriented understanding, Inno adds value to executive offices with its assertive and noble look.

Enriching its grace with its powerful details, Inno presents the executive a world where personal nuances may be reflected.

Inno Meeting Desks can expand up to 10 meters for crowded meetings.