With Ashbury, technological furnishing and striking looks meet to bring unique solutions that match young executives’ dynamic work style.

Ashbury allows a more intimate and effective dialogue between managers and their guests, thanks to its refined design geometry. It comes in 3 variations and exclusive support for modern electronic devices that surpass expectations for executing seniors.

Ashbury wields remarkable hardware that offers practical work place solutions: It has a screen unit which allows easy multimedia sharing without leaving the seat. A single touch hide and reveal mechanism, along with wireless charging features adds extra time and value to your work.

**Wireless Docking Station**
Charging mobile devices is a breeze with Ashbury’s wireless charging features. It should be noted that Apple products may require suitable accessories or adapters for effective use of the docking station.

VARIO STAGE is a classic C-frame programme with all the features that are typical of VARIO.

Height adjustment between 65 and 130 cm, maximum leg room with optimum stability and outstanding quality for both the product and its components – these were the criteria for the development of this programme.

Clear geometric shapes combined with a very flat runner are the elements that typify this design – expressing sustainability in function, material and design.

The height can be adjusted without tools, using the grid mechanism, crank system or electric motor. Thanks to the modular system, all the height adjustments can be combined with different telescoping pillars, the various versions of which harmonise within the product family.

While displaying the perfect harmony of wood, leather and metal with its master craftsmanship, Inno possesses the glory of a jewel box with its concealed compartments.

Inno recalls the word ‘innovation’ it is named after, with its design details and technology solutions. Developed with a function-oriented understanding, Inno adds value to executive offices with its assertive and noble look.

Enriching its grace with its powerful details, Inno presents the executive a world where personal nuances may be reflected.

I/X Executive Desks that can be used in differing lengths come with I and X legs and containers to hold varying volumes.

I/X Executive Desks desktops can be used placed on the container, as single or double sided

I/X’s name comes from the words Individual and eXchange, and it is guilty of giving character and meaning to executive offices with its theme options and surprising details.

## Brilliant Details

The different accessories and their details on every single theme of I/X underline the executive’s expression and create the effect the executive wants in work areas.

It offers smart solutions to living spaces that directly affect way of thinking and attitude, with its design details and high-end technology

While increasing the motivation and efficiency, it helps to carry on the team works in joy and interactivity. Pila inspires innovative ideas enhancing the team spirit in open offices.

Answering all the needs with its meeting tables, performance units and mono table options, Pila attributes to the corporate identity with its authentic design.

Pila’s unique design is tailor made for managers who have different work habits and needs. With its various storage units, it helps managers restore the order they desire at work.

#### _45°_
Next creates innovative and modern work areas through its design that unites functionality and master workmanship. The precision applied to its joining details adds a new dimension to work areas, while the concealed drawer surprises.

Next offers a flowing and extravert look with its 45° connecting leg and desktop; and its sturdy skeletal structure represents strength.