**Compact home desk with sophisticated features**

With their functional designs and sophisticated features offered in a compact form, Renée desks bring a cozy and elegant workspace to home.

No more cable mess, plus removable magnetic storage shelves or anti-stain desk pad. Renée’s warm wood desktop endorses a sincere sense besides its modern features.

Enriching its elegance with strong features, Renée creates a relaxed work environment at home. Fitted with an electrification solution, the desk gives access to all your power connections from your seat and reduces cable clutter.

Renée comes with an eco-leather desk pad and lower brackets. The high quality desk pad eases the daily use with anti-stain technology.

### Conclusion Reading Box
The CONCLUSION reading box is ideal for temporary work in libraries, in study centres or in waiting areas. It offers sufficient space for reading books or working on a laptop. The 900 mm wide and 700 mm deep table top, designed as a case, offers additional shelf space. The lamp, which is integrated into the back panel, provides essential lighting and access to electrical and data ports.

### Brochure Cabinet
As a cubbyhole or structured shelf for working materials, the M3 brochure cabinet can be used universally. The hinged front panels with aluminium bars can be set at an angle to display brochures or illustrative materials. This provides an overview of the content of each individual compartment without the need of a glass panel.

### Wall
40 individual storage compartments create surfaces which can be used as a canvas for personalized designs, for instance, adding a corporate logo. Due to the doors being equipped with an easy push-to-open mechanism, handles do not interrupt the flush surface. To the rear, there are slots in which various components can be hung (see COFFEE BAR). The 10 mm thin border in black creates an elegant finish and provides the M1.1 wall with a slender appearance.

### Reception Desk
The VARIO CONCLUSION reception counter simplifies the orientation in the reception area: the attached counter element clearly indicates to visitors where they are expected. If necessary, the counter element can be moved as desired. Design in premium white with two black counter attachments.

The Frankie bench desk with a modern A-leg base creates a visually strong appearance to the space and is perfect as well for collaboration as for short term Activity Based Working.

The Frankie table collection designed by Iiro Viljanen includes various table sizes and bases. Combining different table top materials and base shapes the collection offers solutions for different needs.

Eco Frankie tables with swan label available for limited size and material variations.

PodWork Xpress offers a private place for short-term working in an activity based office. The table top is available either in seat or standing height. The collection includes also a wardrobe unit.

Together with other Pod products the PodWork creates a harmonious solution for the entire office. Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio also includes several other products with coherent design.

Download the Pod-family Brochure here

Otto stimulates your mind during working at the same time eases for you to change your position. Its structure support the movement and contributes to the user’s health.

In accordance with international norms, Otto’s mechanism allows continuous adjustment of two alternative desktop heights; either from 68 cm to 118 cm or 65 cm to 125 cm. It is possible to make the height adjustments either with the built-in controls or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology on a smart phone or tablet, through a complimentary application.

Working habits change. New needs emerge that call for redefined spaces in the work place. A space that allows for concentration and communication to co-exist… A space for brainstorming activities or minute-meetings… Isola perfectly matches these emerging trends in the workplace.

Isola’s panel heights has been carefully planned to allow for and facilitate uninterrupted eye sight activities; whether it be working, communicating or simply thinking. It’s acoustic absorption capabilities help concentrate to the work at hand, even more easily. Upholstered panels introduce warmth and intimacy. For spaces that need definition and offices that are more productive, Isola provides a perfect solution.

Media Wall allows for presentations and remote conferences to be realized without leaving the seat. Being compact and mobile, it may serve as a perfect addition to all Nurus furniture.

Modern Scrittoio is a solution conceived ad hoc for contemporary living areas, increasingly characterised by the need to also use vertical walls to obtain new surfaces for use: a writing desk surface with drawer, elegantly wall-mounted on a panel. It is a light and functional solution, combining the typologies of the desk, the closed container and the support surface and offering multiple possibilities for use.

PodWork offers several options for short-term working in an activity based office. Two different versions are available: one with more closed screens in order to provide added privacy and one with more open screens for more open communication.

Table tops come in two sizes and with optional electrical height adjustment.Together with other Pod products the PodWork creates a harmonius solution for the entire office. Various upholstery materials can be used to add character to the space.

The Pod product family designed by the o4i Design Studio also includes several other products with coherent design.

Download the Pod-family Brochure here

VARIO CHANGE is a modern sit/stand table system that meets the highest standards of ergonomics, practicality and timeless design.

The C and T foot versions of VARIO CHANGE hardly differ in terms of shape. This has the advantage that they form a complete design entity if used together in offices and conference rooms. The runners and outer columns look as if they are cast in one.

Because aluminium has been used, and because the volume of materials used has been reduced to a minimum, VARIO CHANGE is much lighter than most height-adjustable tables – and yet it is extremely stable, because of its unique construction.

With its many variants and possibilities for expansion, it can also create an individual workplace to meet the needs of the next generation – as a high-quality, prestigious directors’ desk, in an open-plan office or for use in a home office. With VARIO CHANGE, conferences can easily be changed from seated to standing conferences – whether you’re using individual meeting tables or interlinked table systems.