**Compact home desk with sophisticated features**

With their functional designs and sophisticated features offered in a compact form, Renée desks bring a cozy and elegant workspace to home.

No more cable mess, plus removable magnetic storage shelves or anti-stain desk pad. Renée’s warm wood desktop endorses a sincere sense besides its modern features.

Enriching its elegance with strong features, Renée creates a relaxed work environment at home. Fitted with an electrification solution, the desk gives access to all your power connections from your seat and reduces cable clutter.

Renée comes with an eco-leather desk pad and lower brackets. The high quality desk pad eases the daily use with anti-stain technology.

The best workspace for working alone, casual meetings or relaxing…

With changing of work culture, the number of open-plan offices increase and the demand for private spaces to think, focus, rest and make interviews or phone calls rises. Calma creates a concentration and relaxing area as well as supports collaboration and communication, and it generates silence for the whole office.

With sound isolation and fabric upholstered inner surface, Calma family designed as a compact solution to private phone calls, brainstorming sessions, videoconferences and, telephone interviews, one-to-one and touchdown meetings or focused teamwork without leaving the workspace. With Nurus Links® connection Calma also supports to use of mobile devices and laptops.

With its sit-stand desk option, Calma provides flexible and dynamic workplaces.

Download the Calma Brochure here

With Ashbury, technological furnishing and striking looks meet to bring unique solutions that match young executives’ dynamic work style.

Ashbury allows a more intimate and effective dialogue between managers and their guests, thanks to its refined design geometry. It comes in 3 variations and exclusive support for modern electronic devices that surpass expectations for executing seniors.

Ashbury wields remarkable hardware that offers practical work place solutions: It has a screen unit which allows easy multimedia sharing without leaving the seat. A single touch hide and reveal mechanism, along with wireless charging features adds extra time and value to your work.

**Wireless Docking Station**
Charging mobile devices is a breeze with Ashbury’s wireless charging features. It should be noted that Apple products may require suitable accessories or adapters for effective use of the docking station.

Otto stimulates your mind during working at the same time eases for you to change your position. Its structure support the movement and contributes to the user’s health.

In accordance with international norms, Otto’s mechanism allows continuous adjustment of two alternative desktop heights; either from 68 cm to 118 cm or 65 cm to 125 cm. It is possible to make the height adjustments either with the built-in controls or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology on a smart phone or tablet, through a complimentary application.

Named after its shape, Lips is a rocking pouf that assure the gentle motion during a creative meeting or in a focused individual session. By activating muscles, it supports active sitting by requiring minimum effort of the user to move. The energizing form supports free thinking in meetings where brainstorming takes place.

It is easy to carry by having lightweight, Lips’ carefully considered dimensions and color options allow the use for both adults and children. It complies with safety standards with well-balanced structure and fire-resistant materials upon upholstery and filling.

Working habits change. New needs emerge that call for redefined spaces in the work place. A space that allows for concentration and communication to co-exist… A space for brainstorming activities or minute-meetings… Isola perfectly matches these emerging trends in the workplace.

Isola’s panel heights has been carefully planned to allow for and facilitate uninterrupted eye sight activities; whether it be working, communicating or simply thinking. It’s acoustic absorption capabilities help concentrate to the work at hand, even more easily. Upholstered panels introduce warmth and intimacy. For spaces that need definition and offices that are more productive, Isola provides a perfect solution.

Media Wall allows for presentations and remote conferences to be realized without leaving the seat. Being compact and mobile, it may serve as a perfect addition to all Nurus furniture.

With its sympathetic looks and lightweight frame, Uneo is the perfect fit for any work place. It presents a unibody design, along with the armrests. Stylish and modern in its vivid geometry, Uneo helps its user develop a healthier sitting habit during extended periods of desk-bound work.

Uneo features a body-weight responsive design which also allows for personalization, thanks to the Dyna-Support Plus® mechanism. The integrated controls lets users further fine-tune their experience.

With Uneo, lean angle is interconnected through back support and armrests; thereby form integrity is maintained at all times. Uneo’s sturdy and ergonomic build makes it a promising candidate primarily for meeting halls and home-offices .

Edgar, brings coziness and warmth to living spaces with its Retro lines. Edgar was designed to serve its user in many areas from homes to manager offices and lounge areas and comes with triangular, rectangular and square options.

Drop, offers an elegant and plain look with its chic design and mono block structure. Its details reveal the mastery and Drop answers to your needs, with its wide product range.

Drop adapts to different environments easily, with its colour options and geometrical lines, adding clarity and flow to the design of management offices, social areas and homes.

Greta integrates the past with the future, carrying the spirit of the 60’s with its retro lines to today.

While allowing effective construction of limited spaces and personalization with its back shelf option, Greta adapts to its environment with its rich color options. Its durable structure, soft quilted fabric and lightness help make living spaces comfortable. Greta creates warm and fun spaces.

Greta sofa with an upholstered cylinder back brings movement to living areas while offering comfort.