Work is getting faster, more complex and more fragmented all the time. New, agile forms of collaboration are taking up a growing amount of space. It’s all about: New Work.

This has an impact on the infrastructure: the traditional office swivel chair and meeting chair format is no longer enough.

In any place where work processes are changing, where information and communication are happening all the time in multiple locations – the new smart minimalist concept from Klöber is the perfect choice. It cuts back on complexity whilst offering more flexibility and a homelier feel.

On one side of the balance, inspiration is fuelled by a homely feel and a need for privacy. On the other side, conventional office outfitting provides a practical workspace. WOOOM brings both worlds together. By combining relaxed, focused working with cutting-edge functions – for maximum efficiency.

It can be used anywhere from the team workplace to the executive office, as an all-rounder or premium version. The chair for all office applications is both attractive and dynamic. Mera is perfect in form and function, offering an excellent price-performance balance.

Comfortable posture made simple. Connex2 is on standby to support you in your ideal sitting position and follow your every movement. This is possible thanks to functions that respond automatically. You sit, your chair adapts to you. The only manual adjustments are seat height, seat depth and lumbar support . Connex2 already caters for tomorrow‘s challenges, even addressing the demographic changes within the workplace – making it a dependable partner for anyone who works in an office.

Sit comfortably, work productively: The perfect posture, ergonomic movement sequences, controlled reclining – with ConWork your day at the office can be fun instead of tiring.

In the office, executive suite or conference room: Moteo supports healthy, dynamic sitting as a matter of course. The design – which has received many awards – unites intelligent innovation with functionality. You can select the comfort seat for a noticeably luxurious sensation as you sit down, or the celligence® system for gently regulated three-dimensional seat movement: Your body always feels the difference. Of its own accord and with a high “feel-good” factor over the long term.

Unusual design, healthy comfort: Moteo conference swivel chairs offer a perfect union. Flowing lines and flat forms make a clear and consistent design statement in concord with the ergonomic requirements for optimum conditions within the contemporary meeting culture. Moteo brings mobility and dynamics to talks. There is a return mechanism so that the backrest goes into its original position for a neat and tidy look.

Ciello ensures relaxed sitting and offers an impressively slim silhouette. The curvature in the backrest takes the strain off the spine. The secret of its compact form lies in the innovative DLX ® Duo-Latex upholstery. Ciello is popular with creative thinkers and decision-makers with an eye for consistent design and natural comfort. Minimalist design with the comfort you expect from the premium class. Ciello ensures relaxed sitting and offers an impressively clear and slim silhouette. The family of office chairs is popular with the self-assured and those with an eye for consistent design and natural comfort.

Minimalist design with the comfort you expect from the premium class. The distinct, slender silhouette of Ciello can be used to create areas for communication and inspiration. The cantilever model has two different backrest heights for maximum design flexibility.

_Pure intuition_

Prevents pain and tenseness in the back and shoulder area.
Prevents tiredness and poor concentration.
Dynamic sitting improves the oxygen supply to the muscles.
Upright sitting without back curvature.
Also available as a 24-hour chair.

Duera is the swivel chair designed for intuitive use. Exuding comfort, Duera defines the curve as a functional characteristic. The 3D mesh offers the back individual support, optionally with padding.

The room climate is one of the main causes of complaint in the office*.

The right temperature at work is an individual requirement. Everyone perceives this aspect of their working environment differently so the room temperature is always a compromise. The unique Klimastuhl by Klöber solves this problem. Simple as that whilst you sit.

One person maybe too hot and another is too cold. The option of defining the “correct” temperature yourself is a key factor in feeling comfortable at work.

The Klöber Klimastuhl makes this possible as every employee can regulate the temperature wherever they sit by selecting their own personal heating preferences. Flexible, any time, just as you wish.

*IFMA Study, 1991-2009

Centeo is a symbol of authority.

The dynamic boardroom chair reflects the shifts between tension and composure. With its voluminous proportions, Centeo distinguishes decision-making rooms.
Comfortable upholstery that allows movement whilst maintaining contact with the back prevents tension. Centeo is popular with decision-makers with an eye for consistent design and natural comfort.