Club Brugge vs Bulvano: 1-1

The Basecamp of Club Brugge is a state-of-the-art building from the hand of Goedefroo+Goedfroo architects. Club Brugge, a well-known name in every household in Belgium was looking for a brand that would be able to decorate the interior of the Basecamp. So that’s when Bulvano was put in the game. With our wide offer of brands, Bulvano could give an answer to the needs of Club Brugge.



bulo-club-brugge-photo-cafeine-be-3.jpg We used some of our exclusive brands to establish this project, such as:

Special Silva workplace – Nurus, Connex office chairs – Kloeber

With the special silva workplace from our exclusive brand Nurus, we used warm toned wood to create a homely atmosphere. The acoustic panels create a silent workplace to enhance concentration.

The Connex office chairs by Klöber carries fully automatically responding functions which make it very easy to move while sitting in an ideal position.





Away from the desk – Orangebox

In between the workspace we placed some comfortable sofas from our exclusive brand Orangebox. It creates an environment where you can organize a small meeting or work individually.




Slide door cupboards – Vario

The Vario cupboards have a very high usable but sleek design. They offer a blank space to further decorate the building while remaining convenient to the workspace.





Accoustic Table Screen – Zilenzio

The acoustic table screens of Zilenzio come with high quality and respect to both design and noise reduction, enhancing concentration and more focused working.

Sola chair -Martela

The Sola universal chair with castors is suitable for short term meetings as well as for drop-in workstations and easily fits into different types of spaces.


Inno desk – Nurus

The Inno desk ensures that quality feeling and elegant look, ideal for the management desk.


Our parent company Bulo complemented the design with stunning pieces by some of their top-notch designers such as Vincent Van Duysen, Stéphane Beel and many others.

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